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Interesting climate stories in the news

I have many friends who share stories about climate and agriculture with me via social media and email. Here are several stories I have read in the news and their posts lately related to climate that you might find interesting.

National Science Foundation: Tree rings and Iceland’s Laki volcano eruption: A closer look at climate

EarthSky: Upheaval and extinctions linked to magnetic reversal 42,000 years ago

Inside Climate News: Warmer California Winters May Fuel Grapevine-Killing Pierce’s Disease

EarthSky: What’s the coldest Earth’s ever been?

Yahoo News: Atlantic Ocean circulation weakens, sparking climate worries

Los Angeles Times: Climate change and corruption endanger an ancient valley in Lebanon

The Packer: Chilean grapes staggered by rains and aftermath

Arctic cotton grass grows on Greenland’s seashore. Sedge is almost four weeks ahead of its timetable 10 years ago. Photograph: Pearl Bucknall/Alamy