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Rain chances finally improve after a dry start to May

The forecast for rain on Saturday did not look too hopeful for rain in Georgia, but the latest forecast released today looks a lot more favorable for at least an inch of rain this week. We won’t see much if anything from Tropical Storm Arthur, which will be off to our east, but a complex system of fronts and a cut-off low are expected to bring an inch to central Georgia and potentially several inches to the northeast mountains in the next week. The driest period is likely to be next weekend, with showers on and off this week. On Monday there is a slight chance of severe weather, especially in the northeast part of Georgia, but it is not expected to be a big outbreak if anything materializes. Keep an eye out just in case. The rain is sorely needed as we have had almost no rain in the first half of May, although temperatures have been quite cool, and producers have been worried about going into a flash drought. Hopefully the rain this week will give everyone some hope of a return to a wetter pattern.