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Wednesday, November 6 is Fall Severe Weather Awareness Day

Did you know that the Southeast has two severe weather seasons each year? In addition to the spring severe weather season, we have a second season in late fall when the polar front moves towards the equator as the sun angle decreases. This leads to more dynamic systems that can bring strong winds, hail and tornadoes back to the Southeast. On Wednesday, November 6, Georgia and some other Southeastern states will mark Fall Severe Weather Awareness Day by testing sirens and automated alerts at 9:30 EST. So if you hear a siren sounding outside, think about where you would go if it was a real weather emergency. Be prepared before the weather gets bad! You can read more at and find links to important information about how to keep your family and business safe.

You can see maps of tornado frequency by month at NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center at or see an animation of the seasonal cycle at

Source: NOAA