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A new calculation shows increased sea level risk but coastal building is still booming

Last week there were several stories based on a new calculation of the impacts of rising sea levels on cities around the world published in Nature Communications. The new calculation shows that cities are more likely to be inundated by higher sea levels in the future than originally thought because of an improvement in how current land elevations are determined using lidar. This is important because either cities will have to figure out ways to keep the ocean out or have the vulnerable populations move somewhere else. At the same time, coastal properties in the US are still hot properties in some markets, even though they are seeing increasing effects from the rising tides. You can read more using the links below.

Rolling Stone:

New York Times: Rising Seas Will Erase More Cities by 2050, Research Shows

Christian Science Monitor: Sea levels are rising, so why is coastal construction?

Source: National Park Service via Commons Wikimedia