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Freezing weather Wednesday morning could end the growing season in most of Georgia

A blast of Arctic air is expected to move into Georgia on Tuesday, November 11, bringing rain and gusty winds through the state over the day. Once the cold front passes, frigid air is expected to drop temperatures below freezing in most of the state except the far southern counties and the coastal areas on the morning of Wednesday, November 13. For places like Alma and Albany, this is about three days earlier than the median date of the first 32 F temperature, and for Savannah’s airport, it is nine days earlier than the median date. Almost everywhere north of the Fall Line should see a killing freeze below 28 F. You can see more graphical forecasts like the one below at You can get climate summaries, including freeze probabilities, at the Southeast Regional Climate Center at

According to the Delta Farm Press, the freezing temperatures are expected to cause problems for peanut growers in Arkansas and Mississippi for peanuts that are still in the field. While peanut harvest in Georgia has been ahead of schedule, I wonder if there are still some unharvested fields that may be affected by the freezing weather here, too. You can read the DFP article here. Feel free to write and tell me what you are seeing and I will report it in a future blog post.