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Happy climatological summer!

Today marks the beginning of climatological summer in the Southeast. Hope it’s a good one! Seems like we’ve had an early start to the Dog Days of Summer this year.

I’m taking a break from the blog for two weeks while I travel to Alaska and the Yukon with my mom. How great is that? A good chance to see glaciers before they disappear. They’ve been running warmer than normal for the last month  (see my post from yesterday) but I don’t think that will continue while I am there.

While I’m gone, you can find a list of web sites that you can use to find your own weather and climate information at  If you need more help, contact the Southeast Regional Climate Center or the State Climatologist for your state.  They’ve all been listed here in the blog before or search online.  They are very helpful people!

Climate predictions are updated twice a month, and the Drought Monitor comes out with a new map every Thursday morning.  You can see the latest map at   And you can get your own Qualitative Precipitation Forecast maps at

Hope your summer starts off well, and talk to you in mid-June!

Source: Commons Wikimedia