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Georgia Climate Project: Research needed on climate-related health vulnerabilities

This week’s Roadmap question for the Georgia Climate Project focuses on the need for more research on aspects of climate-related health vulnerabilities. This could include both vector-borne diseases like West Nile Virus or Zika and heat-related illnesses. Public health agencies need to know what types of diseases to plan for in the future to help with health education as well as planning for both individual care and the possibility of outbreaks in local areas. You can see all the Roadmap questions at

27. What health risk management strategies are most effective for addressing shifting climate-related health vulnerabilities among various communities in Georgia?

Why this question is important: There are many potential health effects of climate change in Georgia, ranging from increased heatrelated illness to shifts in vector-borne disease (Schramm 2013). Research is needed to examine the scope and scale of these impacts across different parts of the state, to document current methods being employed to prevent negative health outcomes, and to determine the most effective strategies for managing the health risks of climate change in the future.

Source: Climate Central