If you are planting trees, you are investing in the future. How do you get the best return on your investment? By making sure that the trees you plant will thrive in the climate 30 or 40 years from now, when it is likely to be warmer with more frequent droughts. Of course, planting a variety of species can be important because the exact change in the future climate is uncertain, so using a variety of trees allows more chance that some of them will do well in whatever conditions they experience over their lifetimes. This Forbes.com article by Jeff McMahon describes some of the choices you can make.

If you are looking specifically for info about pine plantations, this decision support tool from  PINEMAP can help identify the areas that are most likely to provide seedlings that will do well in the future by comparing current climates to what the future climate is likely to be.  Check it out at https://climate.ncsu.edu/pinemap/.