The National Phenology Network (NPN) provides information about the progress of physical events like budbreak, appearance of some insects and specific pests, and ice-off dates on lakes (in cold areas of the country). A recent article using their phenology map shows that this year we are running about 22 days ahead of average conditions for spring indicators due to the very warm February temperatures. You can read that article at

The NPN is requesting reviewers for some new forecast products they are working on for five different pests that affect agriculture and ecosystems in the US. Here is a list of the five pest products they are working on and a way to provide input into how accurate their products are. Since we in the Southeast are likely to be among the first to see these critters, our input could be especially valuable to fine-tuning their maps. Please consider helping them out if you work with any of these pests. Feedback can be left in the white comments box on the right column next to each map or you can send comments to Alyssa at her address below.


I wanted to let you know that we just released a pilot suite of Pheno Forecasts for 5 insect pest species (see list below). These maps leverage our 6-day AGDD forecasts at 2.5 kilometers – and display the treatment window as it approaches, based on predicted life stage.
We’d love to hear from you whether these maps perform well at your location, as well as other feedback you may have. Thanks to those of you who chimed in, in the fall, helped us shape these.

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