Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Some early agricultural impacts of Irma

While farmers are still waiting for things to dry up after the passage of Irma, some initial articles about preliminary impacts from the storm are starting to appear.  They describe impacts on dairy, peanuts, cotton, vegetables and sugar cane.  One thing I’ve heard is reports that the pecan crop may take a heavy toll because the heavily laden trees most likely lost a lot of nuts in the high winds from Irma.  Here are some of the articles I’ve seen so far.

Southeast Farm Press: Irma could devastate expected record peanut crop

Vegetable and Specialty Crop News: Hurricane Irma affects Southeast agriculture

Growing Produce: Farmers await fate after Irma socks Sunshine State

Farm Journal Milk: Down Power, Wind Damage and Dairy Cows Trapped in Irma’s Wake

The Packer: Hurricane Irma gouges early vegetables, citrus

I also noted this article from Food Safety News, which could mean that a lot of flooded produce will just have to be discarded if it cannot be safely eaten: Floodwater pathogens can’t be washed off of fresh produce. Food & Wine also discusses this issue and its impact on the price of fresh produce here.