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Lessons from Hurricane Andrew

Twenty-five years ago this coming August 24, my meteorologist husband and I were in Wisconsin glued to the television as Hurricane Andrew came onshore just south of Miami, packing powerful winds.  His aunt lived on Key Biscayne, which missed the eye of the storm by less than ten miles (fortunately, she was well inland at the time).  Even ten months later, when we visited, the sides of her house were colored green by the wind-blasted palm leaves and Hurricane Ridge subdivision to the south looked as if the storm had come through just a week ago.

In preparation for that anniversary, Bryan Norcross, one of the premier Miami television broadcasters who watched the storm unfold around them, has put together an article describing the lessons learned from the storm.  You can read it at the Miami New Times at  Andrew happened in an El Niño year when very few hurricanes occurred–remember, it only takes one to cause enormous damage.  And 2017 is likely to have more hurricanes than 1992 did, although where they will go is still a mystery.

Source: National Weather Service