Bob Kemerait of UGA had a really insightful piece published in the Southeast Farm Press this week on the importance of Extension agents after a devastating event like the freeze that killed most of the blueberries in Georgia last week along with some strawberries, peaches and apples.  He points out that “It is a bitter coincidence for blueberry growers in Georgia that a winter, characterized by unusually warm temperatures and mild conditions, will long be remembered for a devastating freeze that occurred on spring’s doorstep.” Extension agents are out in the fields right after an event like this one, helping producers deal with the consequences of the crippling loss.  You can read the essay here.

Blueberries in Appling County, Ga., March 16 coated in a layer of ice from irrigation water in an effort to protect them from a severe freeze which appears to have devastated Georgia’s 2017 blueberry crop. Source: Bob Kemerait.