Here are a list of a few online and in-person courses that I have seen listed in recent weeks.

The Warnell School of Forestry at UGA is offering an in-person course on “Managing Forest Health, Wildlife and Productivity” on October 4-5 in Athens, GA.  Course content will center on landscape-scale forest health issues related to productivity, wildlife management, and water quality.   Topics include:
– biology and management of major insect, pathogen, and weed pests of southeastern forests
– invasive species detection and associated management tactics
– forest management strategies to enhance wildlife populations and water quality
– risks and benefits of fire and pesticides as management tools
– hands-on training in identification of pests and their damage
Participants should be better equipped to manage pine and hardwood stands for health and productivity upon completion of this course.  You can read more about it and register at

The Climate Learning Network has a number of modules on climate and agriculture in the Southeast.  You can find them at  Most of these modules provide some continuing education credit for foresters or crop producers.

The South Central Climate Science Center is offering a new self-paced online course on ” Managing for a Changing Climate”.  Here is what they say about the course:

The South Central Climate Science Center is pleased to remind you that our free, self-paced, online course begins this week: Managing for a Changing Climate. Although registered OU students have a schedule to keep, we know that managers and other decision makers must juggle multiple demands. So you may take this course at your leisure, reading materials and returning to content if you want to, entering into discussion boards (or not), checking your knowledge with quizzes (or not), and focusing on gaining knowledge in a dynamic learning environment!
The course is free to the public thanks to the generous support of the USGS, Oklahoma NASA Space Grant, and University of Oklahoma. It’s produced by the techwizs at NextThought in Norman, OK, and aided by OU’s Center for Teaching Excellence.
Videos will be available in the future for other uses on our YouTube channel: Educators can link these in their classroom.
And don’t forget the free online class on animal agriculture and climate change offered by our supporting group at  This 15-hour online class provides a lot of information on climate science and impacts of changes in climate on livestock production.  Since the grant is ending this fall, this is your last chance to take it for Continuing Ed credit, although the videos should continue to be available in the future.  So far people from 62 countries as well as many parts of the United States have signed up to learn more about the course and many have completed it.  You can go directly to the course info at:
If you have other training courses or webinars you would like to have published, please send them to me and I will do my best to get them into the blog.
managing for a changing climate