For those of you who have been watching the increasing drought in the Southeast with dismay, this may be the week you were looking for.  A change in the pattern has brought a slow-moving low pressure system to the Southeast Gulf coast, and it looks like it will stick around for most of the week.  It will be pumping moisture from the Gulf and the Atlantic into the area, bringing atmospheric moisture content to near-record levels.  This will serve as the fuel for numerous thunderstorms and rain showers that are expected to bring much-needed rain to the area. In some areas flooding is going to be a distinct possibility as the system is slow-moving and areas may get hit repeatedly or continuously with rain.  Rain will be heaviest in the least droughty areas, unfortunately for those in the driest part of Georgia and Alabama.

The National Hurricane Center is watching the low pressure to see if it transitions into a tropical storm, but again the biggest threat will be from rain, not high winds.  If you are in northern Florida or southern Georgia and Florida and have outdoor work like harvesting that needs to be done, you will want to watch this carefully because it may be too wet to get into the fields for much of the week.   Weather Underground has a story about the weather here.

7 day qpf 8-6-2016