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Wind field shows complicated pattern for the Southeast

The streamflow image from this morning shows the complicated pattern that is affecting the weather in the Southeast today.  The first image shows the surface wind across the Southeast, which includes the spin of Hurricane Joaquin, plus the weaker spin of Investigation 90 to the east, which has an 80 percent chance of becoming a named storm but is not expected to affect land.  You can see the frontal boundary at the surface just off the East Coast, marked by an abrupt change in wind direction from southeast winds on the east side of the front to northeast flow along the coast to the west of the front.

The second image shows the flow at 850 millibars, a short distance above the surface.  This flow shows the onshore flow from the Southeast pumping very moist air into the Southeast, which is enhancing the rain chances and potential for flooding over the next few days.

joaquin sfc wind 10-2-2015  joaquin 850 wind 10-2-2015