There is a new “experimental” product available from the Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) of NOAA which provides analog values of precipitation amounts for time periods from the present to ten days out.  The product is available at

These maps use a new set of analog comparisons to predict rainfall across the US.  The maps below show the predicted precipitation from today for 0-72 hours, 72-144 hours, and 6-10 days.  The forecasts show widespread rainfall across most of the Southeast in the next ten days, with dry periods between storms (you can use the tool to narrow down rain events to shorter time periods).  This rainfall should help alleviate the lingering dryness which has been occurring across portions of the Southeast and improve soil moisture values as we approach the next growing season.  You can also use the tool to get advance warning for when rainy periods are most likely for outdoor work planning and chemical application.