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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

By now you’ve all noticed the holiday music on the radio, Christmas ads on TV, and colorful lights in your neighborhoods.  That means it is time for the annual question, “What are our chances for a white Christmas this year?”    Of course, Christmas Day is still almost two weeks away, beyond the skill of weather models, but that does not keep people from speculating.

The National Climatic Data Center comes to the rescue with a climatology of white Christmases for the US at

In addition, Dacula Weather has put together a list of records for Christmas for north and central Georgia at  Parts of Georgia have had snow on Christmas Day in the past, but it is a pretty rare occurrence compared to where I grew up in western Michigan.

Some early models indicate that we may go into a colder period by Christmas and that might even include some precipitation, but it is way too early to say that anywhere in the Southeast will see any snow, although of course northern areas are more likely than southern areas.

Source: NOAA

Source: NOAA