Bloomburg Businessweek published a map this week that caught my attention.  It shows the results of a recent research project by German scientists which predict changes in suitability for agriculture in the period 2071-2100 compared to the present under modeled changes in climate.  The map shows that the Southeast is an area which is predicted to be more suitable in the future for agricultural productivity than it is now.  The research takes into account productivity of the top 16 crops and accounts for changes in growing season, precipitation, availability of irrigation, and soils.  Increases in higher latitudes such as Canada are due primarily to increases in temperature and the length of the growing season.  Increases in the Southeast, by comparison, arise from both continued access to water and increases in the length of the growing season leading to more double and even triple cropping in the future.

You can read the Bloomberg article here.  You can get the full research article at

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