The National Weather Service has a product available on the web pages for their forecast offices that may be of some use for planning purposes up to five days ahead.  It is called the “Graphical Forecast’ and an image of the interactive map is below.  By moving your mouse over the different boxes in the graphical forecast menu on left and using the arrows to change the date, you can look at a variety of weather variables across the forecast area at 3-hour time increments, including probability and amount of rain, wind speed, and high and low temperatures.  Jeff Cook, the Taylor/Peach County extension agent, has used this in the past to determine the likelihood of freezing for peach trees in spring.  He is using them now to determine whether to leave them in the ground or harvest them.  By using the QPF values and probability of precipitation this can help him determine how much rain they are likely to experience.

graphic forecasts

You can find the graphical forecast for Peachtree City by going to  If you are in an area that is covered by a different office, you can go to their web site and look for Graphical Forecasts on the left hand menu.