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I want to give you an update on some LCSB activity in some dryland peanut fields in the county that have been extra dry for en extended period of time and have missed the spotty showers that have passed through other areas of the county. I spoke with Wes Harris yesterday and he has seen some LCSB activity in his travels in the Leefield Community and near Gwinnett’s Crossing. I also saw the presence of some in a peanut field trial between Brooklet and Leefield. Notice LCSB in center of picture below I took in peanut trial.




The LCSB thrives in drought-like conditions, which is what these areas experienced thus far in July. This insect is sporadic in where it shows up and where its presence is most felt. The larvae live in the soil, constructing tunnels from soil and excrement tightly woven together with silk.  These tunnels often radiate out from the stem of the food source, just below the soil surface. Notice the webbing and tunnel on the peanut vine in picture below,




If you notice drier individual peanut plants or areas in field that seem more wilted (as in picture below from peanut trial), LCSB’s may be the culprit. Hopefully, rain will arrive to these areas and throughout the county this week to help with this issue.



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