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According to Dr. Bob Kemerait, Southern Corn Rust has been confirmed in Mitchell County. There was not much there but it was there! Below is what he stated about the find. 


This is the EARLIEST find of southern corn rust in my 15 years in Georgia.


Corn growers in south Georgia should be very much aware NOW that rust is here.


Current weather patterns increase the risk.


I believe that any irrigated field corn with good yield expectations and that is at tassel or beyond is a good candidate for treating with a fungicide.


Corn approaching tassel is also certainly at risk.


NOTE:  Do not mix an adjuvant or crop oil with the fungicide if prior to Tassel stage.



Growers in our area should definitely be on alert. There has not been any Southern Corn Rust found in the sentinel plot in Bulloch County, but if the weather pattern continues as it has this week we are definitely at risk. Be prepared to protect your corn as we move forward and I will keep you updated with anymore finds and will continue to sample the plot weekly in Bulloch County.


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