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Planting of cotton and peanuts will begin to ramp-up in the coming weeks.  Important that growers pay careful attention to soil conditions, especially soil temps.  Soil moisture is very important, especially for non-irrigated fields, but so is soil temperatures.  At least that’s what our Corn, Cotton, and Peanut team leaders told me.

Remember this well, in addition to consideration for soil temps and soil moisture.  Here are the things in my wheelhouse you get one best chance to take the battle to BEFORE the furrow is closed:

  1.  Seedling diseases in all crops (more on this throughout the week).
  2. Nematodes in all crops.  (Yes there are some options, e.g. in peanut, later, but the BEST options are selected BEFORE the furrow is closed.) (variety choice and use of nematicides)
  3. Management of Cylindrocladium black rot (CBR) in peanuts. (Proline in-furrow)
  4. Management of Bacterial Blight in cotton. (variety selection)
  5. Possibly management of Cotton leafroll dwarf disease (planting date?)
  6. Tomato spotted wilt of peanut (Peanut Rx.  By the way, the 2021 Peanut Rx on-line update will be available this week.  I’ll send you the link.)
  7. Diplodia collar rot of peanut (both the seedling disease form and the hand-in-hand form with TSWV)

Once the furrow is closed, management decisions for all of the above are largely over. 

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