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By Bob Kemerait

To date no southern corn rust found. Soybean rust is in kudzu across lower Coastal Plain, but punishing temperatures and dry weather will keep it in check.

Punishing hot and dry weather will increase Aspergillus crown rot in peanuts and charcoal rot in corn and soybeans.  Those could be real problems this year and there is little we can do to stop it.

Threat from foliar diseases of corn soybean peanut and cotton is reduced, for now. Growers should take this into consideration when deciding when and what to spray..

White mold on peanuts could be ignited EARLY because of the hot. I recommend all growers start their white mold program aggressively, even if it is only adding tebucoazole to early leaf spot sprays.  There are other good options as well. Important to not get behind.

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