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Your upcoming calf crop is two things: Revenue and Food

Jason Duggin, Extension Animal Scientist, UGA First, on the revenue side, we have discussed the importance of pre-conditioning and health protocols numerous times.  Although there are many vaccine protocols and weaning management strategies that exist, it is prudent to look at those successful marketing options in your area and ask…
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Nutritional Considerations Going into Calving

Lawton Stewart, Extension Animal Scientist, UGA Roger Gates, Whitfield County Agriculture and Natural Resource Agent, UGA Cooperative Extension This year has proved to be quite an interesting one.  Most producers were able to put up plenty of hay.  However, due to average to above average rainfall, a large proportion of…
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Shopping for a New Herd Sire? Here’s Your Guide

Fall sale season is now in full swing, and Georgia cattlemen have numerous options to choose from in the current bull market.  So, it seems logical to devote this article to a review of some of the basic principles of bull shopping. If you have been in the cattle business…
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Distillers grains offers supplementation options for beef cattle producers

Across most of Georgia, most producers have experiencing ample rain and plenty of forage, therefore, winter supplementation is far from their thoughts.  However, now is a great time to start planning ahead.  Typically, three large factors taken into consideration when selecting a supplement are convenience, cost, and nutrients supplied.  Often…
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Is cottonseed going to make my bulls infertile???

Lawton Stewart, Extension Animal Scientist As we’re getting into summer, many producers with fall calving herds have picked out calves to keep as bulls and considering a developing ration to feed their bulls.  OR, for winter/spring-calving herds, producers are pulling out bulls and considering supplement to put weight back on…
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Check Out Our New Website for UGA Beef Programs!

We’re moving! That’s right, we have launched a new website and want to let you know the new place to find out all the latest information on all UGA Beef Programs and news can be found by clicking on the link below! New UGA Beef Website Soon, you will be…
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