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Jennifer Tucker

  • Proactive Forage Management for Grazing Success

    Jennifer Tucker, Ph.D. Attend any forage focused Extension program and you will assuredly discuss the importance of soil fertility, forage quality, having a forage plan, and utilizing proper seeding and planting practices.  Each of these are key fundamentals to efficient and effective forage management and utilization and should not be overlooked in this article. A…

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  • William Secor, Ph.D. The USDA projects U.S. beef production to drop by about 3% in 2024 from 2023. For the first two months of the year, slaughter numbers suggest that fewer head slaughtered is being partially offset by heavier weights. Click below to access the full article and learn more about these trends.

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  • William Secor, Ph.D. Two recent USDA reports have shown that Georgia had lower hay inventories over the winter and will be working with fewer cattle in the year-ahead. The Southeast (including Georgia) had lower hay inventories as of December 1. Drought improved in many areas of the country, especially the Southern Plains. However, drought emerged…

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  • Top Hand – Gaining Experience

    Jason Duggin, Dylan Davis, Marrissa Blackwell, Paula Burke -During the fall of 2022 and spring of 2023, around 65 of Georgia’s high school students have become more proficient processing cows and calves. We, as the UGA Beef Team, have learned a lot over the course of the last year about the role our high school…

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  • Pedro L. P. Fontes, Vitor R. G. Mercadante, and Reinaldo F. Cooke – Maximizing fertility during the breeding season can have a significant impact in the profitability of both commercial and seedstock herds. As the breeding season approaches for spring breeding herds, this article will discuss the use of fat supplements and their impacts on…

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  • Nutritional Considerations Going into Calving

    Dr. Lawton Stewart -As we start 2024, many beef cattle producers are about to start the calving season. Across the state, forage availability is variable. Some places have seen severe drought in late summer/early fall, causing producers to feed more hay and deplete their winter hay supply. In this article, Dr. Stewart will discuss some…

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