NMP Tools

Record Keeping Forms

Sample Record Keeping Forms are available below, please feel free to modify or customize them to fit specific needs. Requires MS Excel. Simple calculations included, must enable macros when saving. Additional forms require MS Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

UGA Developed Forms

Additional Forms and Checklists

Georgia NMP Generator Software

Information and installation instructions.

Special installation instructions for Windows 10, 7, and Vista users.

Handy Conversion Factors for NMP’s

Dry Manure Spreader Calibration Spreadsheet

Traveling Gun Calibration Spreadsheet

Nutrient Calculation Spreadsheets

(Requires Win-Zip Software, available below) These spreadsheets will help determine the amount of nutrients generated on a farm based on animal units, storage methods, and other variables.

GA Developed Calculator

Field Nutrient Balance Spreadsheets

As part of a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan, you must balance your nutrient applications on each field. The University of Georgia has created these spreadsheets to assist you in this process. These spreadsheets allow you to input the crop nutrient needs and manure and soil analysis and will balance nutrient applications on both and nitrogen and phosphorus basis. Use these spreadsheets with care and they are developed specifically for Georgia conditions and depend on the user inputs to obtain useful output. To download the appropriate version, Microsoft Excel or Corel Quattro Pro, click on the appropriate button below:

If you have trouble trying to run or save these files then right click (with your mouse) on the button for the file you want to download, and depending on your browser, do the following:

  1. Netscape Users, select “save link as” and save the file to your hard drive.
  2. Internet Explorer Users select “Save Target As” and save the file to your hard drive.

When you want to use these spreadsheets, run the application (Excel or Corel Quattro Pro) and open the file that you downloaded.

GA’s P Index:

The Georgia Phosphorus (P) Index is a tool to assess the risk of bioavailable P loss from grasslands and cropped fields to surface waters. Loss of bioavailable P to surface waters is of concern because it can accelerate eutrophication in lakes and streams of the state. The Georgia P Index was implemented in an Excel Spreadsheet, which is available below for download.

tool in .xls and instructions in .pdf