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Animal Waste Management Center
Description: NC State University, Waste Management Programs, College of Agriculture and Life Science

ASAE- American Society of Agriculture Engineers
Description: ASAE- The Society for engineering in agriculture, food and biological systems.

BMPs to reduce P losses from Livestock and Poultry
Description: SERA-17 is an organization of research scientists, policy makers, extension personnel, and educators. Our mission is to develop and promote innovative solutions to minimize phosphorus losses from agriculture by supporting: information exchange between research, extension, and regulatory communities, recommendations for phosphorus management and research, and initiatives that address phosphorus loss in agriculture. This page contains their publications, which are materials about scientific methods, education, surveys, and recommendations.

Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Description: The Department of Biological and Agriculture Engineering at The University of Georgia.

Effects of AFO’s on hydrologic resources and the environment
Description: Animal Feeding Operations

EPA Animal Feeding Operations Overview
Description: US. Environmental Protection Agency, Animal Feeding Operations

GA Soil & Water Conservation Comm.

Iowa CAFO Air Quality Study
Description: The University of Iowa environmental health sciences research center.

Manure Matters
Description: UNL’s Livestock Environmental Issues Committee

NRCS electronic Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG)
Description: The United States Department of Agriculture, eFOTG home page.

NSERL: USDA- ARS National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory : Home Page

Agriculture and Water Quality – Canada

Description: Here is a fresh look at ways to prevent pollution. Its well worth a look.

Texas Animal Manure Management Issues
Description: The Texas A&M University System. Texas Animal Management Issues

The National Agriculture Library
Description: United States National Agriculture Library

US Environmental Protection Agency

US Poultry and Egg Association

USDA- Natural Resources Conservation Service
Description: The Home page of the Natural Resources Conservation Service

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