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We are still dry in the county, but so thankful for some of the recent scattered rain showers that have passed through. Hoping for more rain to come at this time throughout the county.

  • Corn harvest has just begun. Much of the corn in Worth County is at or near maturity, and plants are drying down in the field with harvest beginning.
  • In cotton, we have seen the silverleaf whitefly population spread out. Spider mites have increased in some cotton fields with the last two weeks of hot and dry conditions, and some fields have be treated. Thankfully, scattered rain events in parts of the county have helped some with these situations, but probably only giving a slight delay benefit. Conditions are favorable for target spot disease in cotton, but there have not been reports of too much at this time.
  • In peanuts, some leaf spot disease and white mold has been reported; timely fungicide applications are critical, as conditions are favorable for disease.
  • Fall vegetables – land is being prepared and planted in some of our fall vegetable crops.
Corn at dent stage
Scattered shower in southern Worth County
Spider mite hot spot in non-irrigated cotton
Scattered rain in the Red Rock area