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PEANUT updateWhite mold has really been showing up in many fields this week, even those with some excellent spray programs. Conditions are ideal. It will be important to stay on a good and timely fungicide schedule. Insects recently observed are lesser cornstalk borer, three-cornered alfalfa hoppers, soybean loopers, and velvetbean caterpillars (VBC). Some fields have been treated for lesser cornstalk borers. Peanuts can withstand a decent amount of foliage feeding from caterpillars like the loopers and VBC’s. The threshold for foliage feeders in peanuts is 4 to 8 caterpillars per foot of row.

COTTON update – More fields in Worth County are reaching treatment threshold for silverleaf whiteflies. This week more non-irrigated cotton fields needed treating for spider mites – the population is growing/spreading with the hot and extremely dry conditions.

VEGETABLE update – Many of the fall vegetable crops are being planted or land is being prepared; sweet corn, snap beans, peppers, squash, cucumbers, broccoli, and tomatoes are a few of the vegetables we have.

HAY update – Conditions have been good for cutting and baling hay. Bermudagrass stem maggot has infested and caused damage in many hay fields, and now growers need to be on the lookout for fall armyworms. Usually cow birds are a good indicator for the caterpillar pests. We also have perennial peanut hay produced in Worth County. Hay producers may consider entering the SE Hay Contest – it is continuing for the 2020 season. For more information on the contest visit: www.sehaycontest.com. The entry deadline is September 1, 2020.