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On January 22, 2020, the EPA released the following document:  Glyphosate – Interim Registration Review Decision – Case Number 0178.  A few excerpts that can be found in this document are as follows:

“The agency used the most current science policies and risk assessment methodologies to prepare a risk assessment in support of the registration reviews of glyphosate.”

“The agency concluded that there are no dietary risks of concern for any segment of the population, even with the most conservative assumptions applied in its assessments (e.g. tolerance-level residues, direct application to water, and 100% crop treated).”

“The agency also concluded that there are no residential, non-occupational bystander, aggregate, or occupational risks of concern.”

“The EPA concludes that the benefits outweigh the potential ecological risks when glyphosate is used according to label directions.”

“The EPA is requiring all glyphosate labels to be updated to modern standards.  The specific components of the label that require updates are as follows:  the maximum application parameters, environmental hazards statement for aquatic use, and clarification on rotational crop timing.  In addition, the agency is providing guidance to glyphosate registrants on acceptable marketing statements.” 

“The agency’s final registration review decision for glyphosate will be dependent upon an Endangered Species Assessment (ESA), an Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP) determination, and a resolution of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) et al. petition (i.e. reduce the tolerance of glyphosate in or on oats from 30 ppm to 0.1 ppm and modify labels to explicitly prohibit pre-harvest use on oats).”

For a copy of the complete report, refer to the following web location:



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