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We have had a lot of cool weather ever since we started planting corn and produce. Temperatures drop down into high 40’s and our soil temperatures are slow to warm up. It is recommended that soil temperatures reach 55 degrees F at 2 inch soil and trending upward before planting corn, but in a lot of cases if there is a lot of acres to plant growers need to start earlier in March even if soil temperatures are not quite adequate.

Corn started off slow and is now starting to progress better with the help of pop up fertilizer and increasing soil temperatures.

Watermelon and Cantaloupe started off slow as well, and are just starting to improve in growth.


Here is where we stand currently based off the nearest weather station (4 inch soil)

Station Name
64.5 66.3 64.8 61.4 63.0 64.0 65.9 64.27

AVG soil temp at 2 inches for April 4, 2019

We are trending warmer and should see growth and development start to improve faster in corn and produce as the soils continue to warm upwards in the 60’s.


For those unfamiliar with the UGA weather station data visit https://georgiaweather.net/

and choose the closest weather station near you. 

It is important to remember in terms of  peanut, soil temperatures need to reach 68 degrees F for three consecutive days 4 inches deep as we move forward.

Cotton has a recommendation of 65 degrees F for three consecutive days.