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Planting Decisions for Peanuts

To plant or not to plant? That is the question. Several are asking about planting peanuts already so here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Planting this early in April will increase the risk for TSWV so you will need to take precautions like using Thimet, using quality seed, in-furrow fungicide, proper seeding rate, planting twins, and planting in good moisture and temperature.
  • Moisture: If you do not have irrigation, have good soil moisture in April, and soil temperature is higher than 65°F then you may want to consider planting. Keep in mind that TSWV risk is still high.
  • Do not put fertilizers in-furrow with seed.
  • Inoculants? Depends. Most fields in a 3 year or less rotation have enough residual bacteria to provide nodulation and nitrogen fixation. However, weather events and winter can reduce bacteria levels so applying an inoculant each year would serve as a good insurance policy to guarantee adequate nodulation and nitrogen fixation. They are relatively cheap. Liquid inoculants are best, granular is second. If your rotation is 4 years use an inoculant.
  • The average planter downforce is 100lbs but remember that changes with soil type.
  • Check seed singulation, this helps to protect against skips or multiples.
  • Perform a thorough inspection of all your technology components. GPS, Seed monitor, Sensors, Seed meters, rate control module, etc. Issues with technology during planting can cost money and time. Make sure everything is upgraded and ready to go.
  • Do not put fertilizers in-furrow with seed.
  • The avg soil temperature may be good, 68°F, but it takes peanuts about 10 days to emerge so look at the extended forecast (7-10 days). I don’t expect any more cold nights but temperatures tend to fluctuate in April as we move from winter into spring so you never know.
  • With warmer temperatures coming (70°-80°) over the next few days and a good chance of rain later this week, next week (April 12-15) should be favorable for planting.
  • Do not put fertilizers in-furrow with seed.

Call me with your questions.