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Wheat Considerations

Since wheat prices have gotten out of the basement you may be considering planting more acreage than normal. If you are, I think there are two major issues you need to consider.

First, you need to pick a variety that is adapted to our weather and has been evaluated in University variety trials. UGA Cooperative Extension has multiple farms across the state where we conduct extensive variety testing. It is always a good idea to look through this data before selecting a variety for your farm and specific location.

Secondly, be sure to avoid bad ryegrass fields. If you start with a large population of ryegrass even good weed control will result in losses from ryegrass competition and contamination.

Throw in the fact that we have documented resistance in the state to Osprey, PowerFlex, Axial and Hoelon, and a bad ryegrass problem can get worse quickly. Additionally I have seen a field sprayed with 3 qts. of glyphosate per acre that only controlled about 2% of the ryegrass that was emerged.

So as of right now we basically have Prowl H2), Zidua and Fierce to use for ryegrass control. See this information (UGA Programs for Controlling Ryegrass and Wild Radish in 2019/2020 Wheat) for complete wheat herbicide recommendations including wild radish control options. As soon as we receive a new publication I will update this, but I don’t think anything will change.