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Requirements for Paraquat Usage

Many of you know that the label for Paraquat containing herbicides have changed and there are new requirements for people that mix, load and apply these herbicides. An example of the new label can be seen HERE, note the statement in the Restricted Use Pesticide Box.

The new label state that the products may ONLY be mixed, loaded, or applied by certified applicator who has successfully completed the paraquat-specific training before use

o Application “under the direct supervision” of a certified applicator is NO LONGER allowed

o Training must be repeated every three years

Another aspect of the new label is that paraquat products must be used in a closed system.  250 gallon totes are consider closed systems.  For users that still purchase 2.5 gallon jugs there will be attachments for containers and spray tanks creating a closed system and most certainly a headache for users.

If you have any questions about these updates please contact your County Agent