Dr. Barclay Poling, Former Professor and Extension Specialist, NC State University, always has some good information and advice for growers concerning frost/freeze events in strawberries.  See his latest update and check out the local forecast for your area here.


Both freezing temperatures and freeze protection with row covers or irrigation will undoubtedly cause some damage to leaves, bud and fruit.  It would be a good idea to consider a fungicide application ahead of and immediately following winter protection.  I would think that botrytis would be the major pathogen infecting fields with damage form the cold or from other forces (such as covers or water).  Products like Fontelis, Switch and CaptEvate are good for botrytis.  For resistance management try to use products from different FRAC groups on consecutive sprays.

If you are using covers to get through this cold snap it would be a good idea to look for spider mites when the covers come off.  the protection that row covers give berries is really appreciated by two-spotted spider mites.

We pray that it does not get as cold as is forecast, but at least we have some options for protection in our strawberry crops.

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