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I know many of you are looking for options to cut back or eliminate glyphosate because of cost and availability. I wanted to put out the updated weed control sheets to make sure you all have options. Dr. Prostko suggests using glyphosate in burndown but eliminating its use in season for corn, soybean and of course peanut. Here are a few reminders:

This was also sent out to many of you a few weeks ago just on corn:

Alternatives for Roundup for Weed Control in Field Corn (Prostko)

I continue to hear much chatter about the shortages/price increases for Roundup (glyphosate) and many other herbicides.  Thus, I would like to remind you of some of the options available to field corn growers who are trying to be more judicious with their use of glyphosate and/or get away from it completely.  Please consider the following:

1) Growers who are having trouble finding glyphosate and/or don’t like the price, might have a better chance of getting it in a pre-mix formulation.  The following are various glyphosate pre-mixtures for use on field corn:

**Note: Enlist Duo can be applied preplant to any field corn hybrid but can only be applied postemergence on Enlist field corn hybrids.

 2)  Roundup-Ready field corn was first commercialized in 1998.  Prior to that time, field corn growers were managing weeds in-crop without glyphosate.  It might not have always been easy or perfect but it was good enough to make top yields.  Since that time, there have been other herbicides developed for use in field corn.  The following table lists various field corn herbicides that have been tested by UGA and will provide very acceptable weed control when applied at the V3-V5 stage of growth (still need to be tank-mixed with atrazine): 

3) If a grower chooses to not use glyphosate, I would anticipate slightly less overall grass weed control.  Thus, field corn growers should consider the use of the following herbicides for residual grass control in field corn: Anthem Maxx; Dual Magnum; Outlook; Prowl (POST only); Warrant; and Zidua.

4) More specific information about the use of these herbicides can be found in the 2022 Georgia Pest Control Handbook – https://extension.uga.edu/content/dam/extension/programs-and-services/integrated-pest-management/documents/handbooks/2022-comm-chapters/Corn.pdf