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Many people are still planting and have not gotten to the next step yet but I wanted to put this info out there again to make sure you all had access to it when you need it. The recent rains may put growers behind on spray schedules as well.

The 2018 Cotton Weed Control sheet from Stanley Culpepper at UGA can be found here: https://www.ugacotton.com/vault/file/Palmer-Amaranth-Control-in-Cotton-in-2018.pdf

The 2018 Peanut/Field Corn/Soybean Weed Control Recommendations from Eric Prostko can be found here: https://gaweed.com/prostko-2018-control.pdf

Some growers are seeing Valor damage on peanut from recent rains. Past research at UGA has shown that peanuts normally recover from Valor damage with little to no affect on yield as long as the stand is sufficient. But as you get past this issue keep that in mind as you plan for future herbicide use on peanut. Stay within the correct timing widow. If apply paraquat or gramoxone do so at cracking or Early post emergence. Avoid applying these products beyond 28 Days After Cracking (DAC).

If you miss a normal spray window and are up against unusual weed pressure give your County Agent a call for your next best option.

Valor Damage on Peanut: stunting and some lost plants from heavy rains