Insect Management

  • The 2022 Pecan spray guides are available on the UGA Pecan website or directly at: Presentations given by Andrew, Jason, and myself at the 2022 county production meetings are available here:

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  • Ambrosia Beetle Update

    I’ve talked to growers from Fort Valley, Hancock County to South Georgia who have identified Ambrosia beetles being very active this wee. Once we have consistent warm days, the adults start flying. If you have had problems with this pest before OR if you have newly planted trees, it is likely a good idea to…

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  • Spittlebugs

    Many calls we are receiving about spittlebugs in pecan orchards at this time. It is easy to spot the immature stage of the insect which creates a ‘spittle’ mass to protect themselves from enemy insects and also from drying out. This insect is listed as a pest of pecan in our Southeastern Pecan Grower’s Handbook.…

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  • Casebearer Captures

    The pecan nut casebearer moths are flying now. Starting last weekend and through this week, many locations have reached ‘biofix’ catching moths for two consecutive days. Thank you to all county agents, growers and our USDA counterparts who checked traps the past few weeks. I will clarify how to use the online model and discuss…

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  • 2021 Pecan Nut Casebearer Monitoring

    UGA Extension agents, USDA collaborators and pecan growers across 14 pecan-growing counties in Georgia are monitoring for pecan nut casebearer again this year. We started on April 12th using pheromone-baited traps (Figure 1). Agents and entomologists are checking traps each day until moths are captured for two consecutive days. The first date of consistent captures…

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  • Ambrosia Beetles Are Active

    Be on the lookout for Asian Ambrosia beetle in young pecan tree plantings. We have had reports coming in from various locations throughout the state, including Cook County, the Ft. Valley area, and sites in Eastern Georgia as well. As temperatures begin to warm up this week the activity could pick up as well. Due…

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  • Scouting Aphids Early

    Over the past two weeks, I’ve seen yellow aphids, black pecan aphids and black pecan aphid damage in orchards in Southeast Georgia. I’ve also talked with many county agents who are seeing the same thing. What do we need to know? And what should we do? Black Pecan Aphids First, remember that black pecan aphid…

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