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Southeast Georgia Area Pecan Agent

2023 Ambrosia Beetle Update

It looks like we are seeing the first flight. Dr. Barman has seen good hits on new trials in Ware County and Brooks County. East Georgia is having consistent flights now (February 20th).There are two particular groups of pecan growers that need to be aware of ambrosia beetle flights: In…
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Anthracnose, bacterial leaf scorch, nutrient imbalance and mites are common causes of leaf scorch. Starting this July, we started seeing leaf scorch in our mature trees. When we see scorch, the UGA Plant Disease Clinic can confirm if a pathogen is the cause. Bacterial leaf scorch is generally found a…
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Pecan Insects and Heat

With the very high temperatures this week and last, there is no point in spraying for insects when the temps are in the 95+ range. Extreme heat slows and then stops reproduction in insects like mites and aphids and will shorten the life span (kill) when it gets up near…
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Ambrosia Beetle Update

I’ve talked to growers from Fort Valley, Hancock County to South Georgia who have identified Ambrosia beetles being very active this wee. Once we have consistent warm days, the adults start flying. If you have had problems with this pest before OR if you have newly planted trees, it is…
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Many calls we are receiving about spittlebugs in pecan orchards at this time. It is easy to spot the immature stage of the insect which creates a ‘spittle’ mass to protect themselves from enemy insects and also from drying out. This insect is listed as a pest of pecan in…
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