As all you know, Georgia is facing drought conditions. We want to remind you that although peach trees are heading to fall/winter and fruit were harvested a long time ago, the trees still need water. The requirement of a mature tree in the peak of the season (July/August) is between 40-50 gallons/tree per day. Based on the current conditions and the time of the year, we are still talking about 20-30 gallons/tree per day for mature trees. Water availability is even more important in the case of young orchards. Please make sure that young trees receive water as their root system is not completely developed. Young trees rate can be reduced to a 40-60% of what a mature tree receives.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at 3528713981 or Also, our peach area agent, Jeff Cook, would be happy to help as well with any questions. His contact info is

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