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San Jose scale crawlers are on the move

The first peak of San Jose scale crawler activity is right around the corner. We have begun capturing considerable numbers of crawlers on April 17 on un-treated research trees in Fort Valley, GA (see image).

San Jose scale crawlers on double-sided tape

The peak emergence of scale crawlers in this region is expected to occur within the next several days, and thus is it time to start considering management options. This is especially important if you have orchard blocks that did not receive a delayed-dormant oil application this year. If crawlers are found, consider immediate application of Esteem (6 oz) or Centaur (34.5 oz). But, if the crawlers have already settled and/or cannot find active crawlers in a block with a history of scale, it may be best to treat with Movento. Note that Movento should be applied once the trees have substantial leaf area, flushing new growth, and should be tank mixed with an adjuvant that has spreading and penetrating properties.

If you have any questions, please let me know.