I don’t often say that a weather service is very helpful but the National Weather Service has one that I use all the time.  NOAA – Graphical Forecast.  This site allows you to scroll over several weather features and see what the predictions are for certain time periods throughout the day and into the immediate future.

You can use it to determine several parameters such as; temperature, dew point, rain chances and amounts.   I will say that a few years back when the ice storm hit middle Georgia it was dead on with the ice accumulation forecast, and it has only been way of on precipitation once or twice.  My favorite use for it is to determine what the wind direction will be when you head out to your favorite deer stand.

This site is fairly easy to navigate but if you have questions give me a call and I can help you out.   Just a little heads up.  They have been saying that the site was going to be replaced with a new and improved site.  It seems to be just as easy to use.  It just looks a little more high tech. Instead of scrolling over weather events you pick them from the drop down menu and then you slide the timeline to the desired day and time.

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