Dan Horton & Jeff Cook

Friday, 24 April, freshly settled 1st nymphal stage (white cap) San Jose scale were observed on peach in an orchard on the northern side of the main central Georgia peach belt. While there were a few remaining crawlers, it was clear that most of this generation of crawlers had moved earlier in the week during the time frame when much of Georgia was experiencing almost daily rains. Since the majority of the crawlers moved before we found them, the appropriate response in scale-infested orchards would be application of 6 to 9 fl ozs Movento 2EC. Be sure to use a spreading-penetrating adjuvant when using Movento. Do not use Induce with Movento on stone fruit.

Again, growers have peach, nectarine, plum blocks anywhere from central Georgia north are urged to look for scale. If crawlers are found, consider immediate application of 16 fl ozs Knack/6 ozs Esteem, 34 fl ozs Centaur or 6 to 9 fl ozs Movento. If you can not find active scale, but a block was heavily infested last year it may be best to treat now with Movento in a preventative fashion. If you have questions please give one of the three of us a call.


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