Even though we’re past the average date for last frost in parts of the Southeast, it is not too late for a cold blast to move through the area.  Early signs for next weekend, Saturday March 28 and Sunday March 29, show that another surge of cold air is expected to move into the area following a pair of cold fronts on Thursday and Friday.  Temperatures in northern Georgia and Alabama as far south as Birmingham and Atlanta could be reach 32 F on Saturday morning, and even colder temperatures could be seen on Sunday morning, with freezing temperatures as far south as Albany GA or possibly even farther south.

If you have crops at a stage that is sensitive to frost, such as the blueberries and peaches I saw blooming this week as I drove south to Waycross for the Georgia Blueberry Growers’ meeting, you are going to want to watch this carefully.    A hard frost at this time of year after a warm spell could cause significant damage to agriculture around the Southeast.  Since this is still almost a week off, the forecast will probably change somewhat, but it is worth watching because of the potential severe impacts it could have.


Information obtained from https://site.extension.uga.edu/climate/ and written by Pam Knox pknox@uga.edu


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