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We shared last week the great news about a new edition of the Georgia Master Gardener Handbook. If you want to see what this new edition has in store for our trainees, you can read the post here.

A massive overhaul like this doesn’t happen in a vacuum, for sure. I bet there are a few of you MGEVs who have a publishing background and can imagine the effort that went into this review. Each chapter was first reviewed by authors, then sent to 3-5 reviewers. Reviewer comments were processed by the editor, authors were consulted again if necessary, then chapters were sent to proofreaders for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Once those edits were complete, the chapters were sent for layout. Finally, authors were asked to approve the final chapter. Whew!! Lots of moving parts to keep track of!

Being part of the editorial team might seem at first like a thankless job. We don’t have pictures of Sarah at her computer for days and weeks and months, tracking changes, laying out pages, interpreting my editorial comments, and patiently awaiting an affirmative answer for each of the chapters to come back from each round of review. We don’t see photos of the chapter authors working on the content, the agents and specialists reviewing and verifying the information, or the 35 MGEVs who checked for commas, spelling, and consistency in the chapters. And there certainly aren’t photos of me editing and editing and editing the content, like on an airplane, in the car, or at home in the evening while I was waiting for a child to come home from work. Nope, these are not the photos we take and include in a handbook revision, yet the book would not be complete without all of these people and their efforts!

So, we send out a HUGE thank you to all of the contributors to the Georgia Master Gardener Handbook, Eighth Edition, right here on Trellis. Though we have credited them in the book itself, we thought it fitting to send an extra shout out to everyone who assisted along the way! We certainly could NOT have done it without you! Thank you!

Charles BargeronPatricia AdsitSrijana Thapa Magar
Dr. Ellen BauskeLisa AmesLiz Marino
Pamela BennettNancy BarnhillIan Matthes
David BerleDr. Ellen BauskeCharlotte Meeks
Dr. Lori BledsoeBrett BlaauwKeith Mickler
Jessica T.R. BrownDavid BerleCharlotte Miller
Dr. Natalie BumgarnerStephen BrownPatty McEwen
Joel BurnsedDr. Natalie BumgarnerRion Mooneyham
Stephanie ButcherTeresa BurkettMary Mortensen
Rachel L. CarrollJoel BurnsedJames Murphy
Dr. Matthew ChappellSue CarterMelissa Mattee Murphy
Dr. Dario ChavezDr. Julie CampbellDr. Savithri Nambeesan
David CloseDr. Matthew ChappellDr. Laura Ney
Dr. Mark CzarnotaYanyu ChenHelen O’Shea
Dr. Timothy DavisDr. Tim CoolongJared Ogden
Dr. Sheri DornJoan CotterJonathan Oliver
Dr. Laurel DunnTimothy DalySheldon Owen
Dr. Richard DurhamPatty EllisBarbara Powers
Carl EvensenTed EmigPaul Pugliese
Josh FuderKeith FielderSarah Russell
Keren GiovengoConnie FlowersDr. John Ruter
Dr. Gary Hawkins Josh FuderJohn Scaduto
Dr. Rachel ItleDr. Roger GatesPenny Scarpucci
Terri JamesDr. Jason GordonDr. Noshirwan Sethna
Dr. Shimat JosephBecky GriffinMary Carol Sheffield
Dr. Jeff KeuhnyCandice HarpDr. Ash Sial
Dr. Heather Kirk-BallardEllen HatcherDr. Tim Smalley
Dr. Jason T. LesslKathy HensleyGail Smith
Dr. Elizabeth LittlePhilip HensleySolomon Smith
Clark MacAlisterKeri HobbsMarjorie Stansel
Dr. Alfredo Martinez-EspinozaAlicia HollowayDebra Stockton
Dr. Patrick McCulloughAshley HoppersJacqueline Styles
Dr. Micheal MengakGreg HuberMai Theodocion
Elizabeth MossDr. William HudsonJuanita Tipton
Dr. Bodie PennisiDr. Todd HurtNan Van Patten
Dr. Robert PolomskiKarol KellyCampbell Vaughn
Karan RawlinsLisa KleinNancy Wells
Kerry SmithMichel Thomas KohlDr. Clint Waltz
Amanda TedrowHeather KolichKevon Watson
Katie WalbergLeynar LeytonRobert Westerfield
Dr. Clint WaltzDr. Elizabeth LittleJacob Williams
Robert WesterfieldKevin LivingstonTripp Williams
Tripp WIlliamsSusan LucianoClay Wilson
Dr. Jean Williams-Woodward Clark MacAlisterMartin Wunderly
Campbell VaughnJule-Lynne MacieMolly Zablan
Rebekah WallaceDr. Mark McCann
Dr. Matthew ChappellErin YatesLauren Nys Kuschner 
Dr. Leo LombardiniMegan McCoyMelissa Bugbee Buchanan
Dr. Mark McCann
Dr. Sheri DornSarah Heape Sawyer
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