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Hundreds of Master Gardener Extension Volunteers who train each year as well as veterans rely on their Georgia Master Gardener Handbook to provide answers, insight, and guidance for growing ornamental and edible plants in Georgia. Our last edition, revised and printed in 2011, has undergone extensive revision and update.

The most exciting aspect about this new edition is that it is a full-color book! Title pages for chapters include color photo banners. Tables are enhanced with shading. More than 300 digital photos were added to reinforce concepts in each chapter. You can see examples of these features in the images below.

The 8th edition contains 36 chapters organized into 7 clusters.

The eighth edition also includes expanded content. Formerly having 29 chapters, the new edition sports 36 chapters. These chapters are organized into seven clusters, including HORTICULTURE BASICS, ORNAMENTAL PLANTS, EDIBLES, TURF, PLANT AND PEST MANAGEMENT, LANDSCAPING WITH A PURPOSE, and BEING A GEORGIA MASTER GARDENER EXTENSION VOLUNTEER. Chapters include favorites, such as Basic Botany, Soils, Herbaceous Plants: Annuals and Perennials, and Vegetable Gardening, along with new and expanded horticultural content, such as Native Plants, Invasive Species, and Herbs. This edition also includes an all-new guide to the Master Gardener experience, laid out in five chapters.

This edition is so exciting! There are lots more features that we want to share with you. Check back for additional Trellis posts as we tell you about the people behind the 8th edition as well as its special cover.

Want to update your Georgia Master Gardener Handbook? Can’t wait to get a copy for yourself? We will be sending ordering information to your Extension agents, including a discount code valid for pre-orders shipped to the county office. Watch for these special details in your email box!

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