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Last night, I had the privilege of speaking to the Hall County MGEV group in Gainesville. What a good time! This group is full of fun and energy, and the meeting was a delight!

I shared at length what Advanced Training is for Georgia MGEVs. We talked a bit about how it is different from the initial training you receive as a new MGEV. We read the “fine print” on the Gold Star project, and talked at length about how to host an Advanced Training.

(And Hall County might want to know this information since they are in the lead for a “Creative Teaching Techniques” training. Did you know about that challenge? More later…)

Why did I enjoy the meeting so much?

door prize

  • When I arrived at the meeting, there was a note to sign in, and multiple clipboards and pens were laid out to facilitate this. As a guest, I knew where to go  and where I would find the gardeners!
  • Training classes were “pitted” against each other to see who would win the attendance award! The winner was the class of 2011. After a bit of cajoling, a class representative was persuaded to proudly carry home the “bright” sunflower yard art! (and glue on the ladybug that fell off…the chewing gum didn’t quite do the trick!) I think this “yard art” is transferred to next month’s winner…
  • Recognition abounded at this meeting…someone won a prize by random drawing in the “Seeds” contest, others won clever door prizes, like that ceramic mushroom pot waterer…I even won some seeds and recipe cards!
  • Mixed in with this fun and silliness was a little serious business, like a questionnaire about the youth horticulture projects going on in Hall County…they had something to do with Robbie’s disinterest in wearing bowling shoes…but nonetheless, kudos to this group for taking the time to consider whether these projects should continue as they are or if it is time to morph them into something different.

We had a great time at this meeting! It was nice to see familiar faces and to have that inside look at what MGEVs work on locally. Thank you for inviting me!

Thank you to all of you who have hosted me and taken time to visit with me at length over the past few months!

Now, off to the garden to sow those seeds!

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