Engaging Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers in meaningful discussion about volunteering, outreach and community.

Relax with a Yoga Class!

One of our workshop offerings during our Wednesday Volunteer Celebrations on April 10, 2019, is a yoga class. This low-impact form of exercise is quite useful at maintaining flexibility and balance, both of which can help prevent falls and other injuries. We are delighted to have Bill Blum teaching these…
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Grow Strong! and Extended Discount

We got the impression that you were curious about the Grow Strong! agenda for April 9, 2019. So, we thought we’d share some details! We use our Grow Strong! updates to find out what the latest research is telling us as it relates to our five state initiatives. This year,…
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Celebrate with Us!

The Georgia MGEV Program is Celebrating 40 Years! The Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program turns 40 this year, and we are excited to celebrate our accomplishments! We are combining several events into one mega celebration, and invite you to be a part of as much of it as you…
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April 2019 Master Gardener Celebrations: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions  Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program – Celebrating 40 Years with 4 Events What are these April 2019 celebrations all about? For all the event details, refer to this infographic and this flyer. To learn more and register, visit the GA MGEV webpage. I have a scheduling conflict…
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