The weather is warming and warm season perennial grasses are coming out of dormancy. Our lawns are greening up nicely and its time to start setting them up for a beautiful green summer. Knowing the right time to apply fertilizers, soil amendments, and pest control options is critical to the sustainability and health of your lawn.

Proper timing of fertilization, weed and pest control, as well as mowing height and lawn maintenance are key to establishing and maintaining a beautiful lawn.  These management guidelines are specific to what type of turf grass that is growing in the lawn.  To help make timely decisions UGA Extension has developed lawn maintenance calendars to instruct as to when certain practices should be performed.  

These calendars provide the B – Best Month, P – Possible Month, and M – Marginal Month to perform maintenance tasks to your lawn. Remember that when planning weed control, you must know what type of grass you have and what kind of weed you want to control to be able to select the best herbicide or cultural practice available.

As always, if you have questions please contact the Madison County Extension office at 706-795-2281 or email me at