Did you know that you cannot put your plastic films in the regular recycling? Films such as grocery bags, newspaper bags, thin plastic wrapped around products purchased (such as toilet paper or paper towels), plastic cereal liners, and bags that zip closed.

Plastic grocery bag, newspaper bag, and paper towel plastic wrap.

The great news is that you can still recycle these items! It will just have to be separate from your curbside pickup.

Many grocery stores will have collection centers for used plastic film. Call to confirm, but the list below has been known to have plastic film recycling drop off locations (UGA is not affiliated with nor does it endorse any of these businesses over any others):

  • The Coastal Market (Darien)
  • Ida Hilton Public Library (Darien)
  • Walmart (Brunswick)
  • Publix (Brunswick)
  • Target (Brunswick)
  • Save-A-Lot (Brunswick)
  • Winn-Dixie (Brunswick and St. Simons Island)
  • Harris Teeter (St. Simons Island)
  • Kroger (Hinesville)
  • Food Lion (Jesup and Hinesville)

Simply make sure that your film is clean and dry then drop it off at your next trip to the grocery store!

Keep Golden Isles Beautiful instructional video for how to recycle plastic film.

Other Options

Depending on who you ask and what source you are referring to, there are 3-5 “R’s” that you adhere to in the world of Recycling.

  • Reduce
  • Recycle
  • Reuse/Repair/Repurpose
  • Refuse
  • Rot (compost food waste)

These R’s allow you to choose alternatives for getting rid of your waste. Consider using one of the R’s when you are finished with a product and would normally throw it in the trash. Be creative!

Example uses for plastic film:

  • Plarn (plastic yarn)
  • Small trash bag liners
  • Collecting dog waste/litter box
  • Stuffing for outdoor furniture pillows
  • Crinkle toys for children or pets


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